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Your car’s suspension is what allows you to enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride. When it is damaged or just in need of a tune-up, you’ll notice that not only is car ride less smooth, you vehicle is more sluggish to respond. This sluggishness puts you at greater risk for car accidents because it prevents you from being able to quickly steer away from them. Set up the inspection and repair for your suspension needs today.

Enjoy a smooth ride

When you come to us for suspension repairs, we will inspect every part of your vehicle. We don’t just look for what could be currently causing your problems, we also check for anything that could be problematic in the future.

Thorough, hands-on inspections

  • Suspension work

  • Shocks

  • Struts

  • Tire rods and more

The suspension services we offer:

  • Trabajo de suspension

  • Amortiguadores

  • Puntales

  • Barras de neumeticos y mas

Make sure that you check out our selection of affordable used tires.

Suspension service and repairs are only a phone call away.


When your ride is not as smooth as it should be, trust the experts to figure out why and fix it right.


Cuando su viaje no es tan suave como debe ser confiar en los expertos para averiguar por qué y corregir las cosas bien.