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The electrical systems in cars have become more and more complicated as the years have gone on. They are now a system of interlocking parts that are all regulated by a centralized computer system. With so many complicated systems in cars these days, there is more chance than ever that something can go wrong with them. That is why you need a shop that has years of experience making repairs to the electrical systems in cars. That is why you need us.

Easy repairs for complicated problems

If your vehicle is having problems starting, it is generally caused by one of a few problems. One is a dead battery, which is easy to fix. Another is problems with your starter. We offer diagnosis and repair designed to get you back on the road.

Ensure reliable starts for your vehicle

  • Complete diagnostic and repair of everything electrical for your car

  • Starters

  • Alternators

  • Battery cables

  • Shorts

  • Connections

  • Fuses and much more

The automotive electrical services we offer:

  • Completo diagnostico y reparacion de todo lo electrico para su coche

  • Entrantes

  • Alternadores

  • Cables de baterea  

  • Pantalon corto  

  • Conexiones

  • Fusibles y mucho electrico

Our shop is family-owned and operated.

Set up electrical diagnosis and repairs today.