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The muffler on your car is important for controlling the emissions from your vehicle, as well regulating the fuel efficiency of your car. When your exhaust system is not functioning at maximum efficiency, you could be spending quite a bit more on gasoline than you need to. We offer complete service, repair, and installation for automotive exhaust systems.

Save money on fuel costs

Our company can help you design and install a completely customized muffler and exhaust system out of high performance parts from leading names in the automotive industry.

Custom design and installation for systems

Custom mufflers, performance systems, and complete exhaust services. Whether you need a complete exhaust system, a custom muffler, or just a section of the exhaust system replaced, trust South Broadway Auto Service.


Silenciadores personalizados, sistemas de rendimiento y servicio de escape completo. El tiempo que necesita un sistema de escape completo, Un silenciador costumbre o simplemente una sección del sistema de escape reemplazado confianza South Broadway Auto Service.

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